Through the gushing winds and the swinging trees,
Through the misty air and the rolling seas,
Through the depths of the ringing lands and hymns,
Is the music of happiness that lies.


Greetings from the realms of my imagination!

My name is Shruti Pathak, a farer in this world who likes to share her feelings and raw emotions by the means of weaving words, bits by bits together, into a more beautiful, more enchanting source of purity and pristine – poetries.

I am also a keen artist and a literary enthusiast who likes reading books and writing short stories all the same. I’m a medical student in progress and has an impeccable love for everything related to heart and brain. In true words, I’m still midway on my path to achieving my dreams and look forward to be able to accomplish them.

For me, poetries are much more than just words being written together. It is an eternal flame whose roots carry the power to sway the masses and either establish the foundations of new civilizations or wipe the existing into ashes. And with this notion, I have set out to write poems with a difference.


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