As we stand ushered at threshold of comely doom and despair,
Puppeted at hands of an unseen foe,
Stranded in a vast secluded and sans mortal lair,
Peering through the confine of a window outside.

Cor! On a state of helplessness with our hands entwined with a new responsibility,
Where bellows of civil dissociation run deep in every alley,
Unanimous foundation of ideas is what must be forged,
To defeat this new age demonic verity;
Bound with a vociferously silent stand for all the warriors who have baited,
Their lives at the stake of global humanity welfare.

Dawn forever cracks through the inky black canvas of night,
And so does the gleeful rays of sun post the period of grim shrouding clouds,
With a constant undercurrent of hope and a new mustered courage,
We must persist to daringly face and fight,
For we could and together we will, step into a brighter, stronger, golden era.


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