A river is one of the most delightful and scenic beauty to behold in the artistic canvas of nature. It’s not just a stream of water but a medium that chitter- chatters a million secrets and sings its own music throughout its course. It is actually uncanny that how much it resembles human life as it ages and gains wisdom just the same.

Amidst the loft of prancing clouds,
Emanating from the womb of hovering rocks,
Hollers a swift gush whose lively cry shrouds,
The surrounding calm of sagely air.

Babbling over the pebbles of rustic hues,
Down it descends with a child like agility,
Once a roaring terror of racing water muse,
Then graduates to a calmer slice of mellow harmony.

Like time, on and on it parades through the farms and lands of green,
Its edges eddying into swirls of mystic stations,
At where board the herons and deer and humans all keen,
Praising this deity of living charisma.

In times of dark it brightens with a soft glisten while day it incarnates a molten mirror,
Small dark fish dart over browns of its gravel between shadows,
Gracefully it lives, effortless, tireless, without fear,
As a ribbon of living deep turquoise.

Ensuing imparting its wisdom to its daughter creeks,
Alive with intrepid build yet sweet notes of beguiling music,
Now has come the hour of its grandeur demise,
As it amalgamates into the vast expanse of sea’s heaven.


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