A mother’s love, however sweet it be, when it comes to its supreme wrath, there is simply no going back. We have exploited our mother Earth’s resources to such great extent that gone are the days when she will wait for us to realize our mistakes. Hence, it’s high time now hat we take steps in order to soothe our mother’s tides of agony and anger.

With broken intentions and sorrowful sighs,
Amidst the glories of our worth and the stinging lies,
At the shores of our egoistic vices with a demeanor gloomy,
We mourn to face our mother’s tides of aroused agony.

Erroneous to the correct, self obsession to the judgement we chose,
We had a strong opinion of mastery,
A notion of domination with nothing to lose,
But at this hour we stand, ushered with guilt,
Thoroughly drenched in foul eccentricity,
We cry and mourn to face our mother’s tides of aching agony.

Our steps trailed science as a path,
A way to suffice our vicious acquisitiveness,
We never ceased nor pondered to see,
How nature laments our churlish ways.
But what more remains in us than to sob over our malicious activity,
And to mourn and face our mother’s tides of abrasive agony.

As the clock breathes on, we intend to bridge,
The hollow promises we forever made,
We strive to ensheath our faults with a false mask,
And forget and ignore and dismiss what we said.
But however stark and brawny we attempt to be,
The sad certitude is that we have to face,
Our mother’s tides of avenging agony.


10 thoughts on “TIDES OF AGONY”

  1. I absolutely loved the imagery & emotions that you depicted through your magisterial usage of words. Thank you for sharing such a lovely post that was splendidly decorated with such intense emotions! According to your convenience, would request you to please read some of my writings would love to know what you think about them. ๐Ÿ™‚

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